Event Security

Leading concert promoters and event planners depend on us to provide airtight security services for national and international sports events, music functions, concerts, beauty pageants, product launches and celebrity hosted parties. We are adept at designing and implementing security strategies for both small and large-scale events to ensure that they run smoothly and without interference.

Corporate Security

We offer round-the-clock global protection of executives and corporate facilities including video-audio surveillance and employee background checks. In addition, AJMA excels in undercover investigatory services to solve and avert cases of corporate and insurance fraud, drug policy compliance, inventory shrinkage, and corporate espionage.

We offer specialty consulting services, customized to the specific needs of our clients. We will work with you to develop a personalized strategy, utilizing our full range of options to ensure the security of your business or person.


We deploy expert video and audio surveillance of corporate installations, employees and individuals, to provide information needed to sustain corporate and personal legal proceedings. We also supply information useful in enforcing employee productivity and drug policy compliance.

Corporate Investigations

Confidential investigations allow you to monitor employees or sites round-the-clock, utilizing comprehensive surveillance to maintain vigilance and deny dishonest employees and unscrupulous competitors the opportunity to damage your business and costing you millions of dollars.

Executive Protection And Bodyguard Services

We provide executives, celebrities, artists and VIP’s with continuous protection, ensuring their ability to conduct their business and personal lives without worry or fear. Rather than react to threats after they have already occurred, our security professionals offer proactive protection, assessing each situation in order to mitigating risk. We use scenario planning and draw on years of experience to provide best-in-class security for our clients. We have provided executive protection and celebrity bodyguard services for many of the nations highest profile corporate leaders, singers, artists, sports professionals and celebrities in high-risk environments around the world.

Talent Wrangling

AJ Melino and Associates supplies security and support for artists and musicians on a global scale. AJMA works closely with the client and talent management to coordinate all travel, hotel, transport, press and venue requirements. We are committed to ensuring our client events run efficiently from start to finish and adhere to strict production schedules.

Permit Acquisition

We offer expedited permit acquisitions for a variety of events and services, making use of our close relationships with Federal, National and International agencies.

Insurance Fraud Investigations

Fraudulent cost both insurers and the insured money and the ability to optimize policies, issuance, and usage. Our organization is staffed with insurance professionals familiar with regulatory and compliance matters in all facets of the insurance industry. We offer services that allow us to maximize your fraud fighting efforts, including specialization in all lines of personal, automobile, general liability, workers compensation and commercial claims. We also investigate employee claims, interview witnesses, verify information, reconstruct events, run background checks on claimants and support legal action to ensure that non-meritorious claims are denied.

Criminal And Civil Trial Preparation

Our team will work with you from the inception of legal action through trial and appellate court. Our expert staff will ensure that you are supported with specialized research, surveillance, witness support, and information needed to defend your business and person against unwanted and unwarranted lawsuits.

Employee Background Checks

Hiring productive, ethical employees is one of the cornerstones of building a successful, efficient business. At AJMA we make it our duty to provide complete background scans that furnish you with information regarding your applicants previous employment, credit standing, legal claims, criminal charges and convictions. Our trained team of professionals will carefully handle all such pertinent information, allowing you to make sound hiring decisions with confidence and discretion.

Risk Consultancy

AJMA’s regional analysts are available on a consultancy basis to provide a tailored assessment of political, security and investment risks facing companies, governments and organizations. The intelligence team are also committed to developing close personal relationships, which provide greater personal insight into the risks facing clients and allows analysts to be proactive in identifying potential concerns that a client may not have foreseen.